The life around us

The life around us
Heidi Johnson and Ashley Norwood Cooper
An exhibition of wry, maximalist compositions that tell tender, contemplative stories.
May 7 – August 29, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14th, 3-5 pm

Guests will be required to observe current guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in public transportation centers. Parking tickets will be validated for the reception.

The act of painting is a way of organizing and making sense of things, of reconciling difficulties, inventing new possibilities, and revealing connections. In The Life Around Us, Ashley Norwood Cooper and Heidi Johnson offer bold, lushly rendered works that celebrate the strata of experiences and perspectives that make up our world.  Within these scenes of human activity and repose are a chorus of creatures, both wild and domestic, that express a network of relationships to us, to one another, and to the places they inhabit. While the people in these paintings are preoccupied with the events of daily living, cats and dogs curl around ankles and upon carpets; pet birds gaze out windows at their unfettered cohorts, and at the endless, open sky. Bees and butterflies, fish and flora at times pack the surfaces so densely that their patterns are indistinguishable from the surrounding air and water. The thrum of life is all around us, and our earthly companions’ range of freedom and captivity, satisfaction and longing, exuberance and solitude often mirrors that of our own.