The Imaged Word

The Imaged Word
July 23, 2010 – January 9, 2011

Fern Apfel
Gabe Brown
Gayle Johnson
Paul Katz
Scott McCarney
Amy Podmore
Fawn Potash
William Ransom
Aaron T. Stephan
Robert The
Barbara Todd

For many visual artists, poetry, literature and language itself have been the springboard for projects in which words and their meaning are embedded in a new physical form. Within this exhibition are works in a variety of mediums that respond to the material qualities of books and the passages contained within them.

The Art & Culture Program wishes to thank the following for their generous contributions to this exhibition: Albany International Airport; The University Art Museum/University at Albany; Carolyn Callner; John Davis Gallery; Dianna Rokitowski and the Internship Program of the Creative Arts Department at Siena College.

Photos by Arthur Evans