Patterns of Engagement

Patterns of Engagement
September 28, 2019 – March 2, 2020

Tasha Depp
Adam Frelin
Richard Garrison
Jack Magai
Laini Nemett
Chris St. Cyr
Chris Victor
Deborah Zlotsky

Patterns of Engagement is an exhibition of works by contemporary artists, as well as an ongoing series of connected events that reflect the people and character of the Albany International Airport. The Airport is undergoing an exciting period of renewal as improvements are made both inside and outside the terminal. This interval of structural change prompted an interest in documenting these historic shifts, as well as taking stock of the airport community and those who work and travel within it.

Eight artists were invited to conduct investigations and observations into the Airport’s people, infrastructure and systems, and develop new works of art based upon those experiences and interactions. Their responses are unique to this place and time, and encourage dialogue and discovery among travelers and employees. Each project prompted new questions, required new partnerships and redefined art in the Airport as something that can be shaped by those who inhabit the space. Here you will see the works that grew out of these engagements, as well as in some cases earlier works that shed light upon each artist’s approach to processes, subjects and materials.