Off the Grid

Off The Grid
September 4, 2015 – March 8, 2016

Donise English
Jeanette Fintz

A grid is a system, a pattern, a framework to build upon. For artists Donise English and Jeanette Fintz, the warp and weft of a grid’s structure can also foster a happy attraction of opposites – order and irregularity, computation and intuition, clarity and obscurity.

Donise English builds her two-dimensional works with layers of encaustic (pigmented wax), gouache and collaged paper. Her compositions stem from her interest in maps, architectural drawings, and the linear qualities of industrial features, like roller coasters, power lines and fences.

The complexities of Andalusian Moorish tile patterns, and Antonio Gaudi’s dizzying Barcelona mosaics left a lasting impact on Jeanette Fintz’ work following her travels there in 2009. Underlying grids comprised of circles and hexagons here serve as springboards for the exploration of geometry and the improvisation of line and color.