March 28-September 13, 2015

Yael Erel
Scott Nelson Foster
Jared Handelsman
Larry Kagan
Victoria Palermo
Ken Ragsdale

The abundance of darkness or light is easily adjusted during the course of a modern American’s typical day. With its presence just a click away from its absence, light becomes more of a utility than a phenomenon. Among artists, though, the many variations and qualities of light are closely observed and considered, served up as mood and metaphor.

For the six artists featured here, light is a pivotal component in their work. It is used to create illusions, and mark the passage of time. It imbues landscapes and objects with character, and reveals events both sublime and fleeting. Through art, we are reminded that light is remarkable, whether its source is an LED or the moon, the glow of fire or paint on a brush. Through art, we are compelled to see the world as lit.