Ginnie Gardiner & Amy Talluto
Recent Painting and Collage
November 20, 2021 – April 25, 2022

Albany International Airport Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, December 10, 2021 5:30-7:30pm

A pattern of reflections distinguishes the work of these two artists, who make paintings that are cycled into collages, which are then reinterpreted as new paintings. Amy Talluto and Ginnie Gardiner both describe the earliest phases of their creative process as cloaked in associations with landscape, weather and seasons. Talluto’s gouache and watercolor studies depict the features of trees and forests, while Gardiner’s oil on woodblock papers record the colors mixed on a given day, under the light of a particular sun.

These first paintings are carved up and then reassembled into new compositions that activate relationships of color, transparency and dimensionality. The emergent collages are visually rewarding enough to stand alone, but are perhaps even better appreciated as voices that resound.

Both Talluto and Gardiner scale up these small works on paper into much larger oil paintings. Talluto’s rendering stays faithful to even the sharp contours of the collages’ cut paper, and Gardiner replicates the color shifts that are key to the optical mirages she creates. Gardiner then goes on to introduce new illusory elements that underscore her concerns with translucency and depth of field.  Presented here in association, these collages and paintings echo one another, just as their development mirrors a sequence both elegant and complex.

Download the Echo digital catalog here.
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