Cut & Color

Cut & Color
March 28, 2020 – October 5, 2021

Paolo Arao
Melissa Dadourian
Jean Feinberg
Beth Humphrey
Michael Milton
Gina Occhiogrosso
Ruby Palmer
Tamara Zahaykevich

The activity of cutting and reassembling, fracturing and then building, is central to the creative process. The eight artists featured in this exhibition use materials that are easily accessed and reconfigured – paper, cloth, wood and foam – in order to construct dynamic forms and color relationships.  

The qualities of abstraction that characterize these works mean that instead of looking as through windows into a story, we can trace associations with nature, architecture, and the body in all of its masculine and feminine variations. An invitation is also made to soak in the optics of carefully positioned color combinations, whose vibrance and saturation are both nuanced and exhilarating. 

By slicing and dicing and realigning the elements of their compositions, these artists present new geometries, new palettes, and new ways of considering a world that we both inhabit and invent.