Chasing the Tale

Chasing the Tale
August 26, 2017-February 26, 2018

Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez
Kenny Harris
Ira Marcks
Fernando Orellana
Amy Podmore
Jeff Starr
Gerda van Leeuwen

Central to a good story are its characters. As they navigate turns of comedy and drama, good fortune and adversity, we can judge and empathize, finding both novelty and familiarity in their condition. While stories can be populated by figures that look like us, perhaps more often our fables and legends feature actors whose human qualities are infused with those of animals, monsters or magical improbabilities. The seven artists in this exhibition are engaged in a form of visual storytelling – one in which personal mythology crosses collected narratives from historical, folk and popular culture. With characters that are at once quirky and funny, ferocious and contemplative, in disguise and unconcealed, we are invited to join in the pursuit of picturing a tall tale.

Photos by Arthur Evans