Augment 6.1

Goose Goods Design
Rebecca Bruno and Tom Roland
Augment 6.1
Maple plywood, medium density fiberboard, latex paint

This expansive installation is based upon the structure of a simple hexagon. From its central core, the familiar honeycomb unit stretches its contours into clusters that nestle and burst apart. The pattern articulated in Augment 6.1, and its rendering in warm maple serves to complement and enliven the geometry of the brick walls. An otherwise sharp corner is softened by the gently curving, web-like connections of the sculpture, rendering this alcove an unlikely site for what appears to be an unfolding organic event. Goose Goods Design is an upstate, NY-based design collective whose partnerships vary
according to project. They specialize in creating beautifully crafted goods that respect the qualities inherent to a material’s nature and functionality