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Steven Siegel, Biography, Sections 32B – 91, 2008 – 2013, mixed media, Concourse A

The observation of Biography requires a journey from one end to the distant other. While we travel over time, the work travels with us. Thickets of common materials such as yarn, plastic utensils, beads, newspapers and pipe cleaners are densely packed into singular compositions that were made one at a time, in a sequence that evolves both visually and materially from the right side of the wall to the left. The artist began this epic work with no intended conclusion, and over a five year development its forms and motifs can be seen to circle back to their ancestors. The concerns embedded in Biography have much to do with echoes of geologic time and the forces that shift landforms into oceans
and one species into another, yet it also resonates deeply with the sustained creative work that necessarily defines a human life.