The Sky In The Room

Serena Depero
Katherine Patterson
Karin Stack

September 24, 2021 – January 22, 2022

The artists in this exhibition consider the shifting, fluid qualities of the natural world and its relationship to human perception and memory. While closely observing the patterns and systems all around us, they describe the fleetingness of familiar things over time through painting, collage, photography and drawing.
Serena Depero’s paintings are at once descriptions of specific elements of landscape, as well as recollections of those places and moments. As in memory, some features retain a crystalline definition, while others are blurred and indistinct. In Katherine Patterson’s work, there is a sequence of documentation that chronicles turns of weather and earth, and also the artist’s place within it. Processes of photography are paired with plein air renderings as a way to reflect upon the visual experience of clouds dissolving, or water rippling. Using geometry to create illusions of space and form, Karin Stack presents fictional objects and places that are both interior and exterior, flat and dimensional, opaque and transparent. This optical play attests to the unfixed, dynamic character of the world around us. Joined by the elusiveness of time and its relationship to perception, these artists conjure the overlap of past and present, inside and out.

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